A Tahoe Dog Debuts in Orvis Catalog

Tahoe Dog, Orvis

Sawyer is a handsome nine year old Labra-Doodle whose modeling career happened by chance and he was fortunate to debut in the 2011 winter Orvis catalog. This once in a lifetime opportunity happened one spring day in Lake Tahoe while playing ball at the Village Green in Incline Village, Nevada. To the owner’s shock, Sawyer saw a large group of people across the field at Aspen Grove and made a beeline directly to them, ignoring all calls to stop. “This wasn’t like him, so he must have known these people were doing something important!” says owner Billie Ameika. As it turns out, the crowd of people were doing a photo shoot for Orvis and the rest is history.

Sawyer is a Labra-Doodle, but as you can tell from the Orvis photo he inherited more of the Lab gene than the Poodle.  Sawyer is a true Tahoe Dog. Two neighbors in Truckee got their dogs “together”; a yellow lab and a standard poodle. As a result, he earned the nickname “backyard doodle.”  Sawyer is not only a national model, but also a hometown hero. In the spring of 2010, at 5 years old,  Sawyer started donating blood to help other  dogs have a fighting chance when in need. If you are interested in having your dog become a blood donor, talk to your veterinarian.

Sawyer’s owner Billie grew up in upstate New York, visiting nearby Lake George often. She dreamed of living on an Alpine lake and so when she headed west she found her dream home on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.  As the Director of Operations for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival since 2002, she has always worked in the hospitality/tourism industry. Besides her love of Lake Tahoe, she has a love of dogs. She is certified with the Red Cross in dog first aid. She and Sawyer believe in giving back to their community. Thank you for your service Billie; you and Sawyer are the epitome of Tahoe dog.

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Tahoe Dog, Orvis

Sawyer in the Orvis Catalog